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One of the twin stars that anchor the worlds of their binary system, Aethera was originally a main sequence yellow sun, but a cataclysmic event untold millennia ago, known as the Collapse, nearly destroyed Aethera and all its worlds. Although no historical records exist to cover the event in detail, empirical evidence suggests that Aethera collapsed into a dim, cool white dwarf star only a fraction of its original size, but not through a traditional stellar event. That process would have seen the star expel its outer layers to form a gaseous nebula, an event which would have obliterated most of the system’s orbiting worlds. Instead, some aspect of the Collapse funneled away much of the energy from the star’s death throes, channeling it into the planets’ inexplicable elemental changes, the ignition of the then-planet Ashra into a yellow star, and potentially even the destruction of the Progenitor home world.

Attempts have been made to explore the star’s periphery through both long-distance travel from Akasaat and from Ashra’s Gate Hub. Although not yet routine, both human and erahthi vessels have increasingly visited the region for research on the star itself and to various points of interest in orbit, though the radiation hazards are exceptionally high and absolute caution is required.



The Aethera System consists of two suns and four worlds, each of which shares an intrinsic tie to one of the Inner Planes. Researchers long ago confirmed the planar ties of their own home worlds and compared results of these studies to other planets during the Century War, agreeing that each world of the Aethera System is associated with a different elemental plane. Less understood is the way each world rotates through a cycle of elemental alignments across a measure of hundreds of thousands of years. Evidence across the myriad worlds—coral atop Akasaati mountains, flash-frozen forests on Orbis-Aurea—suggests that these alignments changed violently during the Collapse. But none can say for certain whether this change caused the Collapse, or was instigated by it.

Use the map to explore each world.


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