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Akasaat is the inhospitable cradle of human civilization, a harsh, arid world of vast badlands and towering mountains, nearly devoid of surface water. It was from Akasaat that the first aetherships rose up from the ashes and rust of the Collapse, it was from Akasaat that two entire races—the infused and phalanx—were born from human industry, and it was from Akasaat that desperation and greed led to a hundred years of sustained bloodshed and destruction. 


In eons past, the world of Akasaat was covered in a vast ocean. Evidence of this ancient marine history is visible in dead coral formations found on mountaintops, and in the bleached, petrified bones of great seafaring creatures that litter the dusty wastes. Nearly all of Akasaat is covered in parched wastes, dry scrub vegetation, and sparse forestation, but it is not purely a desert world. While Akasaat does feature three large, sandy deserts much of the surface area of the planet consists of dried lakebeds, expansive salt flats, mountains, plateaus, and treacherously deep ravines. Akasaat is also littered with the remnants of ancient Progenitor technology in the form of collapsed superstructures and cities that once soared in the skies or dwelled at the bottom of the world‘s now-vanished oceans. These rusting hulks, often inscrutable in their original purpose, are common landmarks and foundations for new settlements; or, in contrast, lairs for ferocious wasteland predators. 


The Aethera System consists of two suns and four worlds, each of which shares an intrinsic tie to one of the Inner Planes. Researchers long ago confirmed the planar ties of their own home worlds and compared results of these studies to other planets during the Century War, agreeing that each world of the Aethera System is associated with a different elemental plane. Less understood is the way each world rotates through a cycle of elemental alignments across a measure of hundreds of thousands of years. Evidence across the myriad worlds—coral atop Akasaati mountains, flash-frozen forests on Orbis-Aurea—suggests that these alignments changed violently during the Collapse. But none can say for certain whether this change caused the Collapse, or was instigated by it.

Use the map to explore each world.


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