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Originally a gas giant world associated with the elemental plane of air, Ashra was fundamentally altered by the changes wrought in the cataclysm of the Collapse untold millennia ago. Whatever creatures once dwelled within its skies, whatever their culture, their hopes, dreams, and fears—were extinguished in a moment when the world ignited, blossoming into a yellow star linked to the plane of fire.

Ashra’s surface now exists as a vast, unplumbed sea of superheated gas and elemental fire. Massive solar flares erupt from the star, threatening aetherships that fly too close, even those already shielded from the corona’s heat. Much of the star’s eruptions are side effects of the constantly warring natives of elemental flame that have colonized the surface. Stories of beings forged from fire and wrath living within the molten seas of blinding plasma and disintegrating heat are largely dismissed as the hallucinations of mad explorers who drifted too close to the twin stars, but legends of empires of flame on the Plane of Fire may lend some credence to these tall tales.


The Aethera System consists of two suns and four worlds, each of which shares an intrinsic tie to one of the Inner Planes. Researchers long ago confirmed the planar ties of their own home worlds and compared results of these studies to other planets during the Century War, agreeing that each world of the Aethera System is associated with a different elemental plane. Less understood is the way each world rotates through a cycle of elemental alignments across a measure of hundreds of thousands of years. Evidence across the myriad worlds—coral atop Akasaati mountains, flash-frozen forests on Orbis-Aurea—suggests that these alignments changed violently during the Collapse. But none can say for certain whether this change caused the Collapse, or was instigated by it.

Use the map to explore each world.


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