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Robert Brookes, Publisher

Robert Brookes is a frequent contributor to the Pathfinder RPG by Paizo Publishing and has worked on titles such as Occult Adventures and the Ruins of Azlant adventure path. Robert initially conceived of the Aethera Campaign Setting in 2006 with co-creator Jacob Thomas. A decade later the two joined forces with other authors and creators to bring the space-fantasy setting to life.


Twitter: @sphynxian

lisa jean long,  Co-Creator


Lisa Jean Long is a core contributing member of the Aethera team and developed concepts across the entire setting with focus on the non-sentient inhabitants of the setting's worlds and the planes. When not working on Aethera, Lisa is a full-time art teacher at a private therapeutic high school, located in New Hampshire and writes in her spare time, as well as managing her business Tinctures N' Talismans.

Alvin dixon,  Co-Creator

Alvin Dixon is a core contributing member of the Aethera team and leverages decades of tabletop RPG experience in his collaborations. Alvin is the creator of the erahthi race and their home-world of Kir-Sharaat as well as the notorious taur.

Jacob Thomas is the co-creator of the Aethera Campaign Setting. He conceived of and developed the world of Orbis-Aurea and its mighty Paragon leaders many years before the campaign setting would become a reality. Jacob also authored the Aethera Spirits promotional comic and the comic chapters found inside the Aethera Campaign Setting.

Jacob Thomas,  Co-Creator



The Aethera Campaign Setting wouldn't exist were it not for the hard work and dedication of its incredible freelance authors. We thank each and every contributor who has created amazing worlds and terrifying creatures that capture the imagination.

Jesse Benner, John Bennett, Robert Brookes, Duan Byrd, Jeff Dahl, Andrew Fields, Kaelyn Harding, Thurston “Goddamn” Hillman, Nicholas Hite, Sarah Hood, Marlowe House, Daniel Hunt, Andre James, Patrick N.R. Julius, Mike Kimmel, Isabelle Lee, Jessica Powell, Joshua Rivera, David N. Ross, Amber Scott, Todd Stewart, Jeffrey Swank, Jacob Thomas, Chris Wasko, Mike Welham, and Scott Young.



Aethera's artists deliver a solid visual direction with stunning creativity. We would be nowhere without their tireless work and boundless talent and would like to thank all of our contributing artists.

Nathan Anderson, Edwin Bickford, Bailey Burgess, Jeremy Carver, Liz Courts, Erin Frye, Alejandro Garcia, Jayd Ait-Kaci, Alena Lane, Frances Li, Dio Mahesa, Yama Orce, Austen Mengler, Raymond Minnaar, Andrea Montano, Alex Moore, Mohammed Z. Mukhtar, Joel Niles, Zuzanna Roszkowska, Jean Roux, Anna Rulska, JE Shields, “Starkiteckt,” and Crystal Sully.

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