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Kir-Sharaat is a gargantuan world almost entirely covered by a primeval forest and homeworld of the erahthi. More than seventy percent of the planet is land, which is in turn shrouded by the world’s impossibly large forest. What little surface water exists on Kir-Sharaat is primarily contained in two adjacent equatorial oceans, with the remainder locked in ice on the planet’s two frozen poles. Nearly all of Kir-Sharaat’s abundant water is instead contained below the planet’s surface in subterranean aquifers. Water from these aquifers is pulled to the surface through complex root structures of the ancient trees, and then rained back down to the surface through pores in the highest boughs.

The Century War began and ended on Kir-Sharaat. When humanity first explored this vast, forested world to plunder its aetherite resources, they never imagined that their thoughtless trespass into an alien world would result in a hundred years of warfare. Nor did the erahthi, who had not yet mastered space travel, imagine that their society would be so drastically impacted by the appearance of outsiders from another world. The Century War changed Kir-Sharaat in ways that can never be undone. The physical damage of the war will eventually heal, but the societal damage will have lasting repercussions for centuries to come.


The Aethera System consists of two suns and four worlds, each of which shares an intrinsic tie to one of the Inner Planes. Researchers long ago confirmed the planar ties of their own home worlds and compared results of these studies to other planets during the Century War, agreeing that each world of the Aethera System is associated with a different elemental plane. Less understood is the way each world rotates through a cycle of elemental alignments across a measure of hundreds of thousands of years. Evidence across the myriad worlds—coral atop Akasaati mountains, flash-frozen forests on Orbis-Aurea—suggests that these alignments changed violently during the Collapse. But none can say for certain whether this change caused the Collapse, or was instigated by it.

Use the map to explore each world.


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