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The gas giant Seraos is the newest world to the Aethera System, created as a byproduct of the destruction of the ancient world Amrita. In the space near Amrita, a sliver-sized vortex to the plane of air cyclonically collected the debris of the ruined world, pulverizing the wreckage and stellar gases caught in its growing form. The connection to the plane of air acted as the focal point of a stellar blender, reducing matter caught in its grasp to constituent components. 

Humanity discovered the world of Seraos during the aetherite rush prior to the Century War. The hopes of finding vast stores of aetherite locked in the planets’ debris rings proved fruitless, and more energy was expended in mining operations among the rings than was returned. When richer aetherite veins were discovered in the nearby Amrita Asteroid Belt, Seraos was largely abandoned by humanity until the start of the Century War when it became a battleground for control over its interplanetary Gate Hub. Today Seraos is a world of mystery adrift with derelict hulks of warships and ancient pre-Collapse ruins lost in lightning and storms.


The Aethera System consists of two suns and four worlds, each of which shares an intrinsic tie to one of the Inner Planes. Researchers long ago confirmed the planar ties of their own home worlds and compared results of these studies to other planets during the Century War, agreeing that each world of the Aethera System is associated with a different elemental plane. Less understood is the way each world rotates through a cycle of elemental alignments across a measure of hundreds of thousands of years. Evidence across the myriad worlds—coral atop Akasaati mountains, flash-frozen forests on Orbis-Aurea—suggests that these alignments changed violently during the Collapse. But none can say for certain whether this change caused the Collapse, or was instigated by it.

Use the map to explore each world.


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